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Dictionary – How to create dictionary in swift ?

Dictionary – How to create dictionary in swift ? Just write key-value pair in the [] brackets and that’s all. Comma separates them and don’t forget to put a comma at the end.

and to add a pair in the dictionary

To create an empty array or dictionary

and if the type… Read More »

Clang – what is clang ?

The Clang Compiler is an open-source compiler for the C family of programming languages, aiming to be the best in class implementation of these languages. Clang builds on the LLVM optimizer and code generator, allowing it to provide high-quality optimization and code generation support for many targets.

Automatic reference counting(arc)

Automatic Reference Counting(ARC) is a memory management feature introduced by apple in XCode for building apps using Object oriented languages like Objective C and swift. It simply handles allocation and deallocation of the memory occupied by the objects created by programmer. So, programmer no longer needs to write code for memory management like release and alloc… Read More »

switch case is in protected scope

switch case is in protected scope Try to write each case within “{” & “}” brackets and it will resolve the issue of protected scope. It will occur when you will perform some instantiation within cases.

watch simulator not launching

watch simulator not launching I was facing this problem and saw some pathetic answers for its solution on blogs over internet. Finally, it was a simple solution I found. 1. Make sure you’re done with edit scheme and add executable your watch app 2. Run your app selecting any device from iPhone 5 or above… Read More »