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Libraries-list of python libraries for deep learning

Quick Install: List of Useful Python Libraries for Deep Learning Here is a list of Python libraries with installation commands that are very useful if you are working in deep learning, AI, Computer Vision. Run these commands in bash or shell. Note: If you are using Python virtualenv, then do not forget to activate virtualenv… Read More »

How to create jar in mac

How to create jar-mac Steps to create a jar-mac and run it are as below : 1. Create a folder named jar 2. Place your .java and .class files in it (if you don’t have the class file then go to this directory and compile your java file and that will create a class file… Read More »

Terminal command to navigate in Macintosh drive

You most probably are in your User directory so Macintosh is the root directory so if you want to navigate in it and access any file in it then type “cd /”   Terminal command to navigate in Macintosh drive


How to show Hidden Files on Mac ?

Open Terminal and write command :

To hide the files once again :