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mutating method swift simple example – how to write ?

mutating method swift simple example – how to write ? Structure and enumeration are value type in swift. That means an instance method can not change its properties. For example a method within structure cannot change any variable defined within structure. To do so you need a method that is mutating – means changing the… Read More »

For-in loop in swift

For-in loop in swift You use for–in to iterate over items in a dictionary by providing a pair of names to use for each key-value pair. Dictionaries are an unordered collection, so their keys and values are iterated over in an arbitrary order.


How to hide navigation bar in iPhone app code ?


UINavigation Example Code

If you’ve created custom button and on touch event navigation is not done then you should put this code in your app delegate file. AppDelegate.m


How to use Swipe Gesture Recognizer iPhone code



  Simple way to perform swipe gesture – Click Here !