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simple activity indicator iOS code

simple activity indicator iOS code


stop activity indicator iOS on back

stop activity indicator iOS on back If you have set an activity indicator in one screen on button click then, when you come back from that screen, activity indicator is still there spinning. This happens when you doing it using thread so that’s why it keeps spinning. A simple way to resolve this is to… Read More »

NSMutableArray shows null

NSMutableArray shows null It happens if you haven’t instantiated your NSMutableArray. So, follow the code below and stick it just above your viewDidLoad method :


Simulator in use error even though it is not in use

Simulator in use even though it is not in use  If you face this problem while running the app on simulator and even though you stopped it but still each time you run, it shows it’s in use then the simple and straight forward way is to Restart XCode and now run your app again.

data parameter is nil json error

Data parameter is nil json error  If you are working on iOS app with json parsing, you might fall into this error: JSON error: <error: expected ‘]’ error: 1 errors parsing expression > , ‘NSInvalidArgumentException’, reason: ‘data parameter is nil’ If you are pretty sure that the URL is okay, as well as rest of the… Read More »

How to show only one pickerview ?

How to show only one pickerview ? If you’re using multiple pickerviews in single view and using them with done button, then use the following logic to avoid other pickers to come over on button touch event for them and that is to use flag.