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Internet connection check code iOS

Internet connection check code iOS If you are implementing the code in your app, to check whether device connected to the internet or not and accordingly give alerts then follow the steps. 1. Add System.Configuration framework to your project 2. Download Reachability.h and .m files from here!  (Click on download sample code) and just add these… Read More »

How to get longitude and latitude for an iPhone App code ?

It’s really easy doing this using CoreLocation.framework. Fast learning tutorial is as below :     Open your AppDelegate.m, and import the “CoreLocationViewController.h”.

  Change the application:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions: method in your ‘AppDelegate.m’ with the code below. First of all create a ‘CoreLocationViewController’. Then create a UINavigationController with the ‘CoreLocationViewController’ as the RootViewController. Now we need to add the UINavigationController… Read More »