Presentation remote app for iPhone – iRemote for keynote

By | July 22, 2014

iRemote App for iPhone presentation and Keynote


Presentation remote app for iPhone – iRemote for keynote – Download Here !

Looking for a presentation remote app for your iPhone ?


Are you a business person ? or a professor at university ? or a teacher at any school ? or you are student ? well, any of such professions you will be used to present your ideas, teaching your subjects or giving your presentations/keynotes at college, you will need something I’m writing about here. Most of the people, who required to give demonstrations or presentation/ keynote will need this for sure. It’s for all !


Yes, I’m talking about the presentation remote app for iPhone and iPod. We are tend to give presentations in conventional way of starting the presentation and then having someone to change the slides for you or else we have orthodox remotes for that and the worst is when you’ve no one there to sit and change slides for you and press next all time. So, in such case either you will be standing so close to your computer/laptop and speaking or else you need to walk back to computer again after each slide gets over. This happens with engineering students most of the time haha !


Well, so here’s the solution. “iRemote” is a presentation remote app for iPhone or iPod touch which helps you to give your presentation in professional and stylish way.


All you need to do is to download the iRemote – Presentation remote app for iPhone on your device. You will need to install a server application on your windows or mac or linux machine (The link is given on app store app description)


Now, after you start the app, it will ask you to enter the ip address of your computer. Start your keynote or presentation. After connecting to it, you will see a screen with gesture area. You can perform swipe gestures right or left accordingly slides on your presentation will go next or previous. That’s it ! Well done. Good luck for the presentation !

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