Journey of a small boy – Poem

By | February 28, 2014

Journey of a small boy - Poem



Diving into an ocean of unknown, where barely we see someone of our known;


Visualising the unseen and unimaginable, and to speculate in something unmeasurable ;


Gigantic scope for the creativity, and an achievement full of rigidity;


Creatures those full of diversity, trying pull you in the dark well of insanity;


That spark of wisdom when blossoms against wrong, all positives it brings along;


And when all gets the touch of divine, a golden way has to refine;


Traveller of this short journey when breaks down at a site, destiny calls there’s no place of sorrows when everything must be so bright;


Living each day as if it would be the last, a fellow then would never care for the past;


So with a childlike curiosity and plenty of joy, the fellow travels hard ways like a small boy !