Introduction to Python Programming

By | November 22, 2018

I am creating this new course on my blog called “Python Course”. Here, we begin with an introduction to python programming. The soul purpose behind this blog, is to help students and newbies to learn python language.

My plan is to teach some python basics and skills first. After that, I will publish a new course on python for deep learning. If you just want to learn python, then this course is for you.

Python is very popular language for deep learning, machine learning and AI. Most of the libraries for deep learning support python language. Also, there are very many tools for data science.

This course is for those who want to start off with basic python programming skills and for the beginners in deep learning.

Each of the chapter in the course contains one or more blogs. Link to the next blog will be given at the end of each blog. 

I wish this course will help you 🙂

Welcome to Python World


Python is a high level interpreted programming language. It is a general purpose programming language. That means, it can be used in variety of domains like web programming, scripting, scientific programming and many more.

Importantly, python supports different types of programming paradigms like functional, object-oriented, imperative and procedural. Python community is quite huge and there are large number of available libraries.

Interpreters for python are widely available for most of the operating systems. CPython is a reference implementation of Python which is open source and highly used today.

There are several versions of Python. We will use Python 3.x in this course.

Installing Python

You can download and install Python on your machine from here! Install python for your operating system.

First Program


In this blog, we had an introduction to python programming. We wrote our first one-line program in python. It’s super easy, isn’t it ? 😉

Learn about interactive and script mode of python programming in the next blog.