How to remove truecaller from Gmail – Revoke google access

By | November 24, 2013

How to remove truecaller from Gmail – Revoke google access


As being a computer science professional, I have always been careful and conscious about data security and privacy. Putting up their personal information and pictures public has been nothing new for current generation (pardon even I’m one of them)


Recently, a new trend is emerged to make phone numbers public on apps like truecaller, which violates all your major privacy. Anyone in the world can see who you are, just by making a quick search by your cellphone number. Even though, this data was theft by hackers and can be used for many evil purposes still people are disrespecting the fact.


Truecaller app asks for your phone number and access ┬áto your google, facebook and twitter accounts. That’s a major threat, refuse to do that.


Follow the steps to get rid off truecaller :


1. Unlist your cellphone number from truecaller website. Unlist from here !

2. You can remove access from social networks you authorised easily

3. If you have given gmail/google profile access then it will access your contacts too. So, here’s how to remove/ revoke the access :


1. Login into your Gmail account


2. Open Account settings




Revoke gmail access from truecaller

3. Sign In to Dashboard


4. Go to Privacy and settings



Revoke access from Gmail

5. Open Gmail security checklist

Revoke access from Gmail

6. Revoke access from Truecaller

Remove truecaller accessing gmail contacts