Guru – motivational brahmin quote – 5

By | October 13, 2018

Earthly pleasures are nothing to me. I strive for the love of my Guru. In him, I see the universe and only in him I find the Lord.

My Guru - motivational brahmin quote

The world that I see today, is weakening in terms of morales. People are running here and there just to make their living. The greed to buy more things, is at its peak. I see maniacs each day, who stuff their houses with all new products. The misery in all, is that it doesn’t make them contented. They don’t seem to be happy. Why ?

Greed is wild in nature. It is like hunger of a wild animal. A tiger in a cage, moves constantly when he gets hungry. The moment his keeper arrives with meat, his wild nature comes out. He growls and makes angry gestures to the keeper. He then aggressively starts eating the food. The moment he is done, he relaxes and rests. This process continues. 

Similar is with human greed. A greedy person sees material things like a tiger sees his food. He wants them so much. To get them, he or she may go to any extent. After getting it, they may be quiet for a moment. The next day, they find something new and the cycle continues.

I am proud to belong to the culture that teaches that material desires are trivial. You should look for something more profound. Otherwise what is the difference between you and a wild animal. They are into sense pleasures too.

Many saints have walked on the Earth and fortunately, very many of them have been from the land of India. Since always brahmins have dedicated their lives to attain and spread spritiual knowledge. It is very important for a today’s brahmin not to fall in the trap of worldly pleasures and not to loose their divinity.

Guru has played vital role in the life of brahmins. Kashi-gaman was used to be a life changing phase as we were to meet our Guru. From whom we seek knowledge. The one who is pure like Paramatma. 

In today’s world, we do not go Kashi anymore. But that should not mean, we can not have a Guru. Always seek for one. You will find one. He may or may not be present physically but his divine knowledge and words of wisdom will be there.

Once you find him. Surrender your soul to him. Nothing else will give you true happiness except warmth of being with your Guru. Seek the knowledge from him, conquer all negative feelings and do something good for the humanity.