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watch simulator not launching

watch simulator not launching I was facing this problem and saw some pathetic answers for its solution on blogs over internet. Finally, it was a simple solution I found. 1. Make sure you’re done with edit scheme and add executable your watch app 2. Run your app selecting any device from iPhone 5 or above… Read More »

view.frame not working xcode 6

If you’re using latest xcode and for iOS 8 you’re developing an app that has views inside views or with pickerviews and you need to animate them using pickerviewcontainer.frame = CGMakeRect(x,y,w,h); and it’s not animating, then it’s because of autolayout. So, if you’re making it for an iPhone just and don’t want to use autolayout… Read More »

Camera not working mac yosemite

Camera not working mac yosemite If the camera doesn’t respond in Yosemite, try  to restart your mac. In case, you are working with OpenCV, following errors might occur: QTKit didn’t find any attached Video Input Devices! Warning, camera failed to properly initialize! Cleaned up camera. Program ended with exit code: 255 Solution for these errors is the… Read More »