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Upsampling, deconvolution, unpooling

This blog is inspired from my previous blog on Fully Convolutional Networks (FCN). It is important to know about upsampling, deconvolution and unpooling to fully understand FCNs. Upsampling In image processing, the process of upsampling is something, where we try to stretch up image resolution.  Traditionally, upsampling is performed using techniques like: Bi-linear interpolationBi-cubic interpolationNearest… Read More »

Libraries-list of python libraries for deep learning

Quick Install: List of Useful Python Libraries for Deep Learning Here is a list of Python libraries with installation commands that are very useful if you are working in deep learning, AI, Computer Vision. Run these commands in bash or shell. Note: If you are using Python virtualenv, then do not forget to activate virtualenv… Read More »

model-how to save and load keras model ?

How to save and load keras model ? The easiest way to save and load keras model is: Save model

Load model

This technique of saving the model is very useful. This approach saves: Architecture of the model Weights of the model Training state (like loss, optimizer etc.) State of the optimizer, which… Read More »

Run Jupyter Notebook on AWS EC2 Instance

Run Jupyter Notebook on AWS EC2 Instance Data scientists largely prefer working on Jupyter Notebook for number of reasons. It makes Python code more visible and easy to interpret. Simultaneously with programming, we can visualise our data using different Python libraries. I personally enjoy working in this environment. It let’s me visualise each step of… Read More »

Transfer files between laptop and AWS server

Transfer files between laptop and Amazon web server is an essential function one must learn. I needed to learn this for the purpose of transferring my Jupyter Notebooks from my machine to AWS server and vice versa. Deep learning has become popular and it is evolving each day. Training deep learning models with large data… Read More »

Kaggle Digit Recognizer using Softmax regression

Kaggle Digit Recognizer using Softmax regression As a machine learning enthusiast, one would definitely want to solve some practical problems. Kaggle is one of the best platform to do so. It provides list of data science problems, including paid competitions. Kaggle digit recognizer is one of those problems. One of the tutorial problem is called… Read More »